I don't live in Little Rock, can I still get services there?

To learn about the availability of services for your location, please call (501) 686-9300.

How do I get an appointment?

We use just-in-time scheduling, so when you call to become a patient, we ask you to come right in either the same day or the next day. If you can't do that, we do ask you to call back when you will be able to come in. Don't worry, we will be able to see you very quickly! If you can't get in touch with scheduling staff, call and ask for the Admissions Coordinator or the Clinical Director and they will help you.

Is there assistance in paying for mental health services?

Our financial assessment staff will determine if you qualify for assistance. Please bring a valid Arkansas ID and proof of income

What is my co pay?

It depends on your insurance and your income. Please call 501-686-9300, for more information.

Can LRCMHC help with medication refills?

Yes, if you haven't missed your appointments and are not prescribed controlled medications, the nurse can assist you. Call 501-686-9300 to speak to a nurse.

What if I can't pay for my medications?

We have an in-house pharmacy in our clinic. Our pharmacist is an expert in helping people get affordable medications. Contact our pharmacy team at (501) 686- 9052 to learn more about medication assistance.

Do I qualify for housing?

Our housing program is for homeless persons living in a shelter or on the streets who also experience serious behavioral health problems. If you believe you meet those qualifications, please contact us at (501) 686-9300 to learn more.

How do I get information about my family members?

We follow federal and state laws regarding patient confidentiality. A release of information is required. Please contact our main office at (501) 686-9300 for more information.

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